Ultimate Toothpaste Dental Care Kit For Pets

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Paws & Pals a leader in high-quality pet supplies is proud to offer you the ultimate toothpaste dental care kit for pets. This petrodex enzymatic toothpaste for dogs and cats is a terrific organic toothpaste for your pet's oral and dental care. Your pet's dental care is a key factor in their overall health and happiness and now you can help protect their teeth and gums while controlling bad breath & odor with our advanced formula enzymatic pet toothpaste and a soft-bristled pet toothbrush. Ideal for small dogs large dogs cats puppies and kittens our toothpaste also helps prevent gum disease tartar buildup and plaque; all while strengthening and whitening your pet's teeth. INGREDIENTS: Water sodium benzoate tetrasodium pyprophosphate sodium saccharin sorbitol sodium lauryl sulfate cellulose gum titanium dioxide hydrated silica aroma calicium carbonate glucose oxidase.


PROTECTION: Fights bad breath tooth decay tartar build-up gum disease and plaque.

CLEANS: Improve oral hygiene and restore the luster of your pet's teeth with this powerful cleaning solution. Your pet will be showing off those pearly whites in no time.

GREAT TASTE: The beef-flavored toothpaste doesn't just clean teeth and freshen the breath it also tastes great! A wonderful cleaner for both dogs & cats.


30 Day Warranty