Toy Chef 2-in-1 Travel Suitcase Kitchen Set for Children

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Here are the Essential Kids Chef Set that will keep your children busy for hours on end! Are you a bit worried that your 2-year old boy is spending just too much time in front of a TV or tablet screen? Looking for an interesting and realistic pretend-play game that will grab their attention and never let go? Well we have designed a mesmerizing toolset for kids that will keep your kids busy and teach them all about handling basic tools in a safe and fun way! Introducing The Ultimate 2-In-1 Travel Suitcase Tool Set For Children Our toy tool set for kids is absolutely great as a gifting idea for toddlers between the ages of 2 and 5 as they will be young enough to be interested in pretend-play but not too young as to not understand the function of each tool! In fact if your little boy (or girl!) enjoys spending time with you in the garage or the basement you should absolutely get them this tool play kit and show them the basics of using screwdrivers hammers saws bolts cogs gears and much more! But most importantly you get the chance to offer your child a learning tool kit that they can use to build fine motor skills hand-eye coordination and develop their imagination and creativity. More than that this is the perfect way for kids to channel and externalize their inner mechanic or handyman. Who knows perhaps when your child is all grown up they’ll decide to become one and make you proud! 100% Safe For Your Children Comprised solely of BPA-free high-quality ABS plastic every single piece in this Kitchen toy set is entirely safe for your family’s health and well-being. Not to mention you can finally keep your son or daughter busy for hours and enjoy some well-deserved alone time!


  • STURDY DURABLE & NON-TOXIC PIECES: Not only is our pretend-play Kitchen set extremely durable and well-engineered but it’s also 100% safe for young boys and girls. In fact it’s designed with high-quality ABS plastic that’s absolutely safe for your kid’s health and well-being. No toxic or BPA-free materials that should have you worried.
  • A WORLD OF FUN EVERYWHERE YOU GO: By turning the Kitchen set into a portable suitcase you can simply take it with you at the balcony backyard or even at the park or your weekend away and family vacations. Plus there really isn’t a better to teach your kid all about the organization during the first few years of his or her life!
  • THE GREATEST GIFT YOU COULD OFFER YOUR CHILD: Taking into consideration the striking array of colors the wide variety of food and utensils and the educational value of our pretend play kitchen accessories set this is the ultimate gift for every little boy or girl! Great for birthdays name days and Christmas gift-giving it will surely put an ear-to-ear smile on your kid’s face!


30 Day Warranty