Tee-Ball Sport Set - 6 Balls and 1 Soft Ball with Bat and Glove in Carry Case

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Every active toddler loves playing with a ball. Most don't know how to catch or aim. With this TBall Pack you can help a beginner develop gross motor skills and introduce gaming skills. Children will improve their fundamental movement skills such as pitching running and catching. And they will refine their aim and balance. Not recommended for children under 3 years. A long-lasting toy to enjoy indoors or outdoors Neat box with handle for quick on the go solution Adjustable-height stand with storage setup Measurements: Bat Measures: 22" long T Stand Height: 22.25" - 24.50" High Box: 23" x 11.5" x 4.25"


CHILD-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Lightweight for safety oversized to be kid-friendly and durable enough to be long-lasting this tee ball set can be played indoors or outdoors; Bright primary colors make this an attractive baseball set for kids.

BONUS SOFTBALL & GLOVE: Develops all the ballgame skills your kids will need for baseball and softball; Children can throw and catch with this toy baseball set - alone or with Dad - together with the mitt or on its own.

INCLUDES 6 BASEBALLS: This smart t-ball set has 6 hard balls included; There are enough t balls to take turns batting before you need to collect all the balls; No need to go running after every time at-bat.

ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: This T-ball bat set will work for a toddler and young child; As the kid grows taller or aims higher you can adjust the height of the t stand to match his ability; The t-ball glove is also one size fits all.


30 Day Warranty