Magic Touch Ultra-Thin 8.5" LCD Magnetic-Back Writing Tablet with Stylus - Assorted Colors

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Color: Red
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If you love writing lists enjoy leaving silly notes for family members or like to doodle—but you hate using up so much paper—then we have got a super-cool product for you. This eco-friendly Magic Touch ultra-thin LCD writing tablet lets you draw or scribble whatever you'd like using the included stylus pen. The pressure-sensitive screen lets you create thick or thin lines with the stylus and there's even a one-touch button for erasing the whole screen quickly. Once you've got this board hung up there's no way anyone can claim they didn't see your note asking them to pick up dinner on their way home!


  • Includes 8.5" LCD board stylus pen user guide
  • Made from durable plastic materials
  • Perfect for memos drawings practicing handwriting lists and so much more
  • Pressure-sensitive LCD writing surface creates lines of different thickness based on how hard you push
  • Erase your image with a touch of a button and a friendly flash from the liquid crystal display
  • Write or draw with the stylus pen or any similarly suitable instrument—even your finger
  • Easily portable at just 1/8" thick
  • Magnetic back allows for use on the fridge
  • Sealed 3v watch battery never needs replacing


30 Day Warranty