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Gourmet Swiss Cocoa Bomb is made with a thick, rich, gourmet milk chocolate shell stuffed full of Gourmet Swiss Hot Cocoa mix, and marshmallows. With a 70mm diameter, these are considered LARGE Cocoa bombs among the industry. Themed decorations based on season or holiday.

How to Use: Drop your bomb into a cup of HOT milk or water and watch the magic unfold, as the hot liquid will melt the outer shell, releasing the mix and marshmallows into the cup for a fun and convenient way to enjoy a hot chocolate that feels luxurious and tastes even better.

What’s in them: Cocoa Bombs are also made with premium Gourmet Swiss Hot Cocoa Mix. The bomb’s shell is thick and made with top-grade, gourmet milk chocolate.

Packaging: Comes individually wrapped in a cello plastic bag that is tied off and put into a jar with additional cello plastic bags (as cushions) above and below the product to keep the Cocoa Bomb safe during the shipping process. All Cocoa Bombs come in a jar with a lid and tamper-proof seal.