[6-Pack] The Ultimate 7-inch Orange Traffic Cones

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Looking for the most fun children cones to spice up your next kids party? Disappointed with how similar traffic cones fade out after a few weeks of use? We’ve got just what you need to really impress with your next construction-themed birthday party! Introducing The Ultimate 7-inch Of Orange Traffic Cones By Dazzling Toys! Our 7-inch traffic cones are absolutely perfect for any social event or party as they can add an element of playfulness and fun that cannot be matched by similar toys. Plus they can be used for a lot more than birthday decorations! Use them to run football or agility drills play indoor or outdoor games or even arrange them by the side of the road and learn how to properly and quickly park a car. You could even set them up just right and learn how to properly turn your motorcycle to avoid hitting objects or obstacles. If that’s not multi-function and multi-purpose we don’t know what is! Manufactured With Only Quality In Mind Made with heavy-duty plastic material these construction cones are designed to withstand any use and abuse by your children as well as the elements. Rain or snow wind or sunshine these toys will not fade even after extended use. An Excellent Gift Idea! If you have a children’s party you got to attend soon this kit is the most thoughtful gift idea you can think of. Just make sure to present these cones a day before the actual party so that your friends have enough time to implement the party cones as part of the decorations! So What Are You Waiting For? Scroll Up Click ‘Add To Cart’ And Turn Your Next Kid’s Party Into A Blast!


  • A TRUE PARTY-MAKER: These yellow 7’’ traffic cones shouldn’t be missing from your kid’s next party! They are an awesome way to add an element of uniqueness and playfulness to any social event but they are particularly popular with the young ones!
  • PERFECT FOR A VARIETY OF SPORTING EVENTS: This 7-pack of reflective traffic cones can be used for an assortment of outdoor and indoor activities including learning how to park a car or how to turn a motorcycle. Plus you can play dozens of different games if you use them just right!
  • QUALITY THAT WON’T FAIL YOU: Made with heavy-duty plastic these road cones can and will withstand the elements including heavy rain snow or sunshine and they will provide your kids with hours upon hours of fun!
  • IDEAL FOR TEAM ACTIVITIES: If you are concerned that your children are spending too much time on their own these heavy-duty traffic cones will change all that. Let them play with their siblings or invite a few friends over and let the games begin!


30 Day Warranty